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Our Clients Describe Jeff in 3 Words


Our Clients Describe Jeff in 3 Words
01.31.2017 | | 0 Comment

We asked some of our favorite clients to give us 3 words that best describe Jeff to them. Here's what they came up with!


"Ebullient, Committed, Silly" - Paige Galeoto, Creative Director, Estipona Group


"After our day at the morgue? Fearless, imaginative, resourceful Also - Funny, creative and friendly" - Lisa Frisch, Q&D Group Marketing Director


"Colorful, Optimistic, Dialed" - Casey Strachan, Marketing Hub Inc. Chief Creative Officer/ Strategist


"LOVE THIS! Here are my 3 words: Inviting, Innovative, Impressive. And I promise, I didn't intend for them to all start with 'I' :)" - Clare Mason, Clark/Sullivan Construction Communication Manager


"Charismatic, Determined, Talented" - Tim Miley, Noble Studios Creative Director


"Creative, Professional, FUN" - Nancy Leuenhagen, Washoe County Communications Director


"Awesome as fuck! (Does that work?) If you want something cleaner, Inspiring, Creative + Fun. Dependable, Original, Rad =) I think you are getting the point." - Rob Gaedtke, KPS3 CEO/Creative Director


"Brilliant, Fun, Daring" - Terri Ogden, Estipona Group Director of Clinet Services


"ROCKS IT 100% We enjoy working with Jeff Dow. Jeff's photography for the Marketing Department at the University of Nevada, Reno has helped us become a Tier 1 University. We constantly hear comments from the community and beyond how fantastic our photography is. Jeff is amazing and to top it off, we have so much fun working with Jeff because of his wonderful sense of humor. Thanks for all you do to help make us look good. YOU ROCK!!!"  - Jodi Tenenbaum, Print and New Media Designer University of Nevada


"Accomplished, Persevering, Fun" - Jeff Gregg, Former Leo Burnett Worldwide Art Director


"Crazy Ass Genuis" - Charles Doell, Mr. Important Design Owner/Designer


"Effervescent, Imaginative, Fun-Loving" - Angela Moniot, Marketing Specialist Barton Health


"Energy, Fun, Sincere, plus there are a lot of other words" - Paul Hamill, Marketing/Creative Director Martis Camp Realty


"Professional, Creative, Dependable" - Donna McNeeley Creative Designer


"Hmmm... there are so many words to describe Jeff! :-) Effusive, Indefatigable, Emotive" - Marnie Mattice, 2 FiVE 8 identity+strategy Owner/Designer


"For starters, we just wanted to THANK-YOU tons for thinking of and including us in this feedback project, so STOKED! Wow... this is tough, to just pick THREE words. That's truly not enough to describe Jeff! They're are so many that come to mind and would be very fitting and true. But after we discussed it a bit, we feel we narrowed it down to the 3 BEST options! Genuine, Professional, Unique and here's a bonus one too FUN Hahaaaa...." - Adam Sayre, TahoeNVLove Owner/Strategist


"Visionary, Exceptional, Cheerful" - Brandi Anderson, PUSH Marketing + Strategy President


"Creative, Visionary, Confident" - Lorne Buck, Natures Bakery Director of Creative Services


"Insightful, Professional, Joyful." - Diana Evans, SJ Marketing Senior Account Manager


"Funny, Energetic, Hilarious." - Charlene Carp, Foundry Ideas Account Executive 


"Positive, Experienced and last but not least Fun!" - Edin Carpenter Makeup Artist Extrodinaire


"Ravingly brilliant comrade" "Veins of caffine" "Gets greatness done" - Scott Mortimore, Mortimore Creative Master Communicator


"Positive, Creative, Dynamic. Those were the first 3 that came to mind, but of course I could go on and on :)" - Maja Thaler, SDBX Studio Principal


"Charismatic, Talented, Patient" - Alexia Bratiotis, KPS3 Account Director


"Gifted, Conscientious, Patient (And much more!) :)" - Jill Panelli 


"Silly, Creative, Thoughtful" - Nicole Dion, Estipona Group Client Services Manager


"Passionate, Innovative, Transcendent" - Peter Stremmel, Stremmel Gallery Executive Director


"Dynamic, Concise and Incredibly Creative" - Jackie Latragna, Parc Foret at Montreux Director of Marketing and Relations


"Creative, Artistic, Joyously Exceptionalistic. That last word may not be in the Webster's dictionary. If it's not, it's because they haven't met Jeff :)" - Joe Hansen, Hansen Creative Inc. President 


"Kind, Good, Smiley" - Ronnie Parker, Rhinohub Creative Director


"Just three words? Engaging, Innovatie, Fun" - Michael Gast, KOA Vice President of Communications 


"Gifted, Creative, Versatile" - David Branby University of Nevada Creative Director


"Skilled, Tireless, Fun" - Mark Curtis, Mark Curtis and Friends Brand Consultant


"Tenacious, Inspirational, Talent" - Sheila Hlubucek, Clark/Sullivan Construction Director of Business Development


"Looks like me?" - Greg Mason, GMAA Group Founder and President


"Professional, Skilled, Fun!" - Claudia Ortega, University of Nevada Creative Director at Marketing and Communications








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