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Jeff Dow—meet the creative force behind the camera.

“If I didn’t do photography,
I’d have to do graffiti.”

If you ask any of Jeff Dow’s clients to describe him, you’ll hear words like “creative genius,” “world-class talent” and “exceptional skill.” But just about anyone you ask will also describe Jeff as “fun.” And it turns out, “fun” translates into amazing pictures, compelling videos and truly enjoyable shoot experiences.

Jeff’s passion for capturing images and videos means every shoot is an opportunity to do something special—no matter how ordinary or mundane the subject matter may appear to be. Jeff loves what he does so much that after a couple decades shooting, it still doesn’t feel like work to him.

“I take pictures even when I’m not
working. I see moments in time and I
want to capture them.”

With a fervor bordering on obsession, Jeff is committed to getting the perfect shot—no matter what it takes. He will hang out of a helicopter, perch on a building ledge, dangle from the back of a speeding vehicle, ski holding a camera, stand in rush hour traffic, ogle babies and literally swim with the sharks. No shoot is too cold, too hot, too early, too late, too wet or too windy—he just gets it done.

While Jeff’s personality is what helps him get the good stuff from his models—and what makes him so much fun to work with—his talent is both God-given and carefully cultivated. He attended the prestigious Brooks Institute where he received specialized training in car and underwater photography—you know, the two hardest kinds of photography. In fact, his first gig was as a photo intern at GM where he shot top secret prototype cars.

A native Nevadan, Jeff set up shop in Reno, Nevada, and built a thriving business that began with client Porsche of North America. In the subsequent years, Jeff has shot photos and videos for international banks and local distilleries, famous rock stars and unknown nurses. He has shot on mountain tops and counter tops, from 20,000 feet and below sea level, in 20 countries and six languages (we use lots of hands signals). There is not a “type” of photography Jeff does, nor a genre her prefers—he simply loves the creative collaboration process.

And he’s ready to shoot for you next.